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Intercasino $80 monthly! Casino of the year 2001, 2002.

$100 monthly
Casino of the year
 2001 - 2006

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Cryptologic Casinos

Cryptologic (Crypto) is one of the most trustworthy software providers. Shares of this Canadian company are sold on the NASDAQ & the London Stock Exchange, so you can become a co-owner of this company ;). Cryptologic has several affiliated companies: Wagerlogic makes software and E-Cash Direct services all financial transactions for Cryptologic casinos except William Hill who provide their own payment and customer service support. Cryptologic casinos welcome players from all countries and they insure playerís account up to $100.000 even without asking any documents! If we add here lots of games, monthly bonuses and fair software youíll understand why Cryptologic casinos (I mean casinos with Cryptologic software. AFAIK Crypto itself owns VIP Casino and Intercasino) are so popular.

Now casinos use two software versions 4 and 5 (Global Edition). Global Edition is available at several casinos only and it offers extended set of games, better graphic and tournaments (you pay small entrance fee, get $1000 of tournament money and several the biggest winners will divide a prize pool). Besides several casinos offer poker-rooms (quite populated now).

Cryptologic casinos work with USD mostly (some accept Pounds and Euros) and accept all popular deposit methods. For every withdrawal casino charges $1 fee, but to cash out youíll need PIN-code which is sent to you by snail mail.

Almost all Cryptologic casinos offer monthly match bonuses $20 to $100. Bonus is added automatically on you first deposit in a month. Wager requirement are moderate and you can even withdraw your deposit before meeting wagering requirements (though it is extremely not recommended)! Casinos also offer comp-point 0,1% - 0,3% of your bets which can be converted to money or prizes.

Cryptologic software has very broad set of games and continues to add more to the fifth version. Casinos also offer to play Break the Bank game for free with a chance to get $100.000! At each casino several multiplayer tables are available and of course you can play ďFor FunĒ.

I have played at many Cryptologic casinos and won almost everywhere, but my favorites are Omni, William Hill and Intercasino. I should warn you that games are streaky sometimes, but loosing streak always will change to winning streak (may be in a minute or in a day).

Omni offers one the biggest monthly bonus around - $150. They have lots of fair games and great comp-program. Switched to PlayTech!

Intercasino offers two bonuses: $1000 monthly at USD version and Ä100 monthly at one of Euros versions. This casino always offers new versions of software first. Itís the most popular (and crowded) Cryptologic casino. I both won and lost at this casino, but at average I have very nice plus. Really recommended to bonus-lovers and any players.

William Hill was the last Crypto Iíve tried. I thought its bonuses are not competitive, but I was really wrong! This casino is number one in my list now! At the beginning Iíve got my first Royal Flash at "Jacks or Better" video poker. I continued to play and I found it hard to lose! Yes, I continue to play and continue to win. My winnings are not big but itís better than losses anyway ;). The most important thing is not to use Martingale, but to increase bets when you met winning streak. So I continue to play at William Hill and recommend you to do the same.

The only thing that really disappoints me is Cryptoís e-mail support (almost at all casinos). Itís horrible, if you got a reply next day you can consider yourself lucky. I wonder if hiring several students to support service is too expensive?

Full list of Cryptologic casinos you can collect at "Match" and "Monthly" pages. Cryptologic casinos do not accept US players.