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I hope you still remember that “Best Bonuses” have won the third place at GoneGambling Webmaster Cup (2nd season). And here is another great news for me and I hope for you too. I’ve made a new gambling site “Best Online Casino Ratings”! Site is a newborn but it has already about 25 online casino tops collected from different sources. You can find there different voting tops, site tops and tops made by other gamblers. As a result the site offers you really great tool to find the best online casinos.

OK, now you know why we have this competition, lets talk about it rules. You should made certain actions and earn points. The more points you get, the bigger is your chance to win one of the nice prizes (from exclusive $20 no-deposit bonus to $100 cash prize)! There are many ways to earn points:

  • Vote for any of my sites on GoneGambling and You earn one point for each vote on GoneGambling and one point for each weight your vote had on Forward me vote confirmation form and write how many times you’ve voted at GoneGambling.
  • Invite friends to participate in this competition. Send me e-mail of your friend who participate and you’ll get five points. You can also post messages on forums, but please, do not spam!
  • Find error on any of my sites (BB or BOCR) and get one to three points, depending on how serious error is. It can be any kind of errors: broken link, wrong bonus info, grammar or spelling error, HTML error, etc.
  • Give your advise about improving sites and get up to 10 points!
  • Submit your online casino top at “Best Online Casino Ratings” and earn five points for accepted top and 15 points for a top with “Pros”, “Cons” and “Review” filled.

So many ways to earn lots of points! Just do not forget to send me e-mails with information about your actions. You can use or for communication. I hope three weeks (till 15th of April) will be enough? If not, I’ll extend term later.

The best part of any competition is prizes! I have plenty of them for you:

  • 1st prize is $100 cash! It will be drawn among three persons with the biggest number of points.
  • 2nd prize is $50 cash! It will be drawn among five leaders (except for 1st prize winner).
  • 10 prizes $20 each: exclusive no-deposit bonuses from Silver Sands and PowerBet casinos (RTG). Anyone have a chance to get one of these!

I hope many visitors will participate this competition. You get a big chance to earn free money, you help me to improve my sites and you help other gamblers through these improvements. So lets start to help each other!

05.11.2004 The contest is over. Number of the participants was too low, so I've decided to decrease prize poll. Here are the results:

  • 1st place and $65 goes to Slavik,
  • 2nd place and $35 goes to Peter,
  • Bonus coupons go to Deb, JHuxley, Andrew and Alex.

04.17.2004 I still have more prizes than participants :). I've decided to prolong competition till the 8th of May. It's Victory Day in Europe and several people will win some prizes here too.

04.02.2004 Only couple of people participate so far. You chance to get a prize is above 100% ;-).

P.S. I reserve right to change size of cash prizes based on number of participants (more participants, more prizes). Your e-mail addresses will not be disclosed. I can prolong competition further than 15th of April. Please revisit this page later to find possible changes and preliminary results. By the way, my name is Yura, just to address to me in your e-mails.